On the self-cultivation of a full-point anti-static clothing


The generation of static electricity is closely related […]

The generation of static electricity is closely related to the clothing materials worn by the human body. For example, chemical fiber fabrics are prone to static electricity generation. A full score of anti-static clothing has the effect of shielding the human body from static electricity and eliminating or reducing static electricity hazards.

The full score of anti-static clothing is made of anti-static ultra-clean fabric. This fabric is made of polyester filament warp and weft inlaid conductive yarns. It is woven into dust-proof fabrics with advanced production technology and sophisticated equipment. It is refined through special sewing equipment and strict sewing procedures. Dust-proof and anti-static, the anti-static clothing itself does not generate dust or stick to dust, and can block the pollution of the clean environment caused by the dust generated by the human body, and at the same time, it can release the static electricity generated and accumulated by the human body movement in a short time. Each process of garment processing will be equipped with special inspectors to ensure that all products leave the factory with quality assurance, so that operators can stay away from electrostatic interference during the production process.

Full marks of anti-static clothing must have a complete after-sales service system. Anti-static work clothing has certain safety protection performance. After a long time of wearing, washing and friction, high-quality work clothing will also cause corresponding application damage. Timely after-sales and protective work clothes warranty and maintenance are one of the basics that work clothes manufacturers should have and high-quality work clothes.

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