Anti static clothes are special work clothes with anti-static performance


The anti-static work clothes are made of polyester supe […]

The anti-static work clothes are made of polyester super clean fabric, which is made of anti-static fabric woven with conductive filament in warp or weft direction, and then made by special process, with efficient anti-static and dust-proof performance. The utility model can effectively eliminate the electrostatic charge accumulated by the human body and prevent the electrostatic charge of the human body from affecting the products on the production line. For the production workshop of enterprises sensitive to electrostatic dust, wearing anti-static work clothes is an essential process.
Anti static clothes are special work clothes with anti-static properties. However, some manufacturers do not know much about it. They buy anti-static clothes and do not consider replacing them until they are damaged. This is a very serious mistake. The clothes worn by normal people may not be replaced until they are old or worn out. However, anti-static clothing, a special kind of work clothes, is absolutely unacceptable. It needs regular cleaning and maintenance, and regular inspection to ensure its anti-static functionality, and to ensure that the ineffective anti-static work clothes will not continue to be used in the production workshop, otherwise the product will be damaged.

 Zhejiang CONCO AntiStatic Technology Co., Ltd., a member of the anti-static equipment branch of the Chinese electronic equipment association. It's located in Taizhou city, an industrial developing city in the south of the Changjiang triangle zone. Following the ideal of Quality-first, Technology foremost, Keep-moving, eternal innovation, CONCO is famous as a skeleton enterprise in the field of anti-static. Owning a team of R&D, mould self-designing and producing, alloy processing, we play the role of manufacturer and trader. Our products have been passed the ISO9001:2000 certificate, SGS certificate and RoHs certificate. We have branches in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Suzhou, Kunshan, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Beijing, Qingdao and Wuhan. At the end of 2009, the company entered the field of clean, Established 5000㎡10 - 10000-class cleanroom workshop in Dongguan with high standards, Outstanding efficiency and service bring us the customers from nearly 60 foreign companies who deal with electronic equipment, electronic communication, aviation, curative, chemistry, war industry, etc.

  Developing with the advanced technology, we successively carry out the high quality SMT anti-static magazine rack, anti-static circulation cart, transport cart, anti-static chair, clean room chair, anti-static circulation box, component box, LCD tray, a mobile phone tray, purification cleaning cloth, Purification cotton swab. Especially, the anti-static SMT magazine rack, anti-static chair and LCD tray occupy a majority of domestic market stably. Now we are the long-term supplier of the Ericsson, LG, PHILIPS, MOTOROLA, SANASONIC, ASUS, BENQ, HUAWEI, ZTE, CHANGHONG, HAIER, HAIER, HISENSE, and TCL. Our products are exported to Germany, Holland, England, Italy, and Austria, Southeast countries of Asia like Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore and Brazil. Henceforth, CONCO will be the production basis of new anti-static material and other new products with its advanced technology and high-quality in China.

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