High quality anti-static dust-free clothes, whose fabric is very important


Modern industrial production pays more attention to the […]

Modern industrial production pays more attention to the protection of static electricity and dust, so their staff will be required to wear anti-static dust-free clothes before entering the workshop. It is precisely for this reason that the demand for anti-static and dust-free clothing in the industry is growing. Many large and small clothing factories have sprung up in the market, and these processing factories are affected by various factors, resulting in uneven quality of anti-static clothing. Many enterprises spend high prices but cannot buy high-quality and qualified anti-static work clothes. So where should we start when purchasing anti-static and dust-free clothes?

If you want to make a qualified and high-quality anti-static dust-free clothing, its material is the first.

The anti-static clothing is made of anti-static polyester super clean fabric specially used for making dust-free clothing. This fabric is made of polyester filament woven with conductive filament in warp or weft direction, which has an efficient anti-static and dust-proof effect, and does not generate dust itself, avoiding becoming a source of dust in the working environment:
Anti static: accelerate the leakage or neutralization of static electricity generated in the process, limit the accumulation of static electricity, and prevent static sparks without exceeding the safety limit.

Dustproof: Polyester fabric has the capability of filtering dust. It is made by special process to make it more airtight, effectively prevent the dust and scurf of human body from seeping out, so as to maintain the cleanliness of the workshop.
Anti static polyester super clean fabric is divided into two styles: striped fabric and mesh fabric. The anti-static and dust-proof performance of anti-static clothing is also due to the conductive wire (conductive material) on the fabric. Work clothes made of fabrics with smaller spacing of conductive fibers have better anti-static and dust-proof performance.

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