Will finished furniture get faster after custom furniture grows slowly


After the cold wave of the industry in 2018, in 2019, f […]

After the cold wave of the industry in 2018, in 2019, furniture companies are obviously walking on a more rugged single-wood bridge. Even the custom-made furniture industry, which has always been flourishing, has not been very good recently. Some media analyzed the financial data of six large custom-made companies and compared the revenue growth rate in the first to third quarters of 2017-2018. Slowing down. From 2008 to 2015, the revenue of custom furniture companies has been growing at a rate of more than 30%, and now slowing down has become a foregone conclusion. The decline of custom made it easy to recall the ups and downs of plate furniture. Looking back, the upsurge of panel furniture seems to be a flash in the pan. Today, panel furniture companies are making up the loopholes of the year, but it is difficult to return to their original position. The market is changeable. Once the gap is leaked, new companies will go up against the current. Custom furniture is in a dilemma today. Will it surrender its hegemony status like panel furniture in the past?
Can customized speed reductions speed up finished furniture? Today, when it comes to custom furniture, we still compare finished furniture to it. While the custom furniture is expanding wildly, the market share of finished furniture companies is shrinking step by step. The cooling of the custom market will allow some of the once-swallowed markets to revitalize finished furniture companies? The answer may not be optimistic. First of all, the main reasons for the decline in the profit of the custom industry are the fierce market competition, the shrinking consumer market and the adjustment of real estate policies. Different from the dilemma of panel furniture. The main reason for the decline of panel furniture in that year was from environmental issues. Affected by environmental protection, consumers will naturally cast their eyes on the “rival” solid wood furniture of panel furniture. Finished furniture can hardly regain market resources from the current predicament of custom furniture. The tightening of the consumer market and the adjustment of real estate policies are difficult problems facing the entire furniture industry. The fierce competition in the custom industry will inevitably make the head enterprises accelerate the speed of market competition. Bespoke companies seek change in the crisis and turn to new businesses. Most companies are increasing their product categories, ranging from single cabinets and wardrobe customization to wooden doors, beds, tatami mats, and overall customization. Powerful companies have even added weights to "complete assembly". Once the enterprise has consolidated its position in the field of assembly and even began to monopolize industry resources, its profitability is difficult to underestimate. Some custom companies have begun to battle the high-end custom market. They are no longer limited to board customization, and have begun to follow the route of whole wood customization and high-end designer customization to meet the needs of mid-to-high-end consumers. The competition in the front end of the market is getting fiercer, and there is not much room left for finished furniture.

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