Why use a clean cloth in a clean room


Dust can cause great damage to electronic products. For […]

Dust can cause great damage to electronic products. For example, our daily use of mobile phones will be affected when the headphone jack and data cable jack are covered with dust. General precision instruments are produced in the clean room. The clean room often needs to use the clean cloth. As a universal cleaning cloth used in the clean room, what special advantages does it have?

1. The primary advantage of the dust-free cloth is that it has a very strong ability to remove dust.
Especially the polyester microfiber clean cloth and the polyester-nylon composite microfiber clean cloth, their unique fiber opening process allows the clean cloth to have the function of removing more dust or dirt in the dry and wet state.

2. It also has a strong ability to absorb liquid. It can not only absorb a variety of liquids, but also resist the corrosion of various acid and alkali chemical agents.

3. The clean cloth produced in the professional-grade clean room also has the advantages of low ion precipitation, ultra-low dust generation and ultra-low residual precipitation.

4. The clean cloth has the characteristics of not harming the product.
Some dust-free cloths can not only play the role of cleaning products in the cleaning process, but also have the characteristics of softness and no damage to products, which are also favored by manufacturers with dust-free workshops.

5. The dust-free cloth can be used repeatedly
In the low-demand clean room, the clean cloth can be used repeatedly, of course, it must be cleaned twice after use before it can be used again.

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