Why dust-free cloth can be widely used in many places


Dust-free cloths are 100% made of polyester fiber doubl […]

Dust-free cloths are 100% made of polyester fiber double-sided covers, and their surfaces look particularly soft, which is especially convenient for wiping. Even the entire sensitive surface can also be cleaned with dust-free cloths. Comprehensive cleaning, however, this product does not shed fibers during the process of full friction, has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. The cleaning or packaging of the product is all completed in an ultra-clean workshop, because the dust-free cloth can Satisfied with the use in different places, what kind of characteristics the clean cloth has, this is what most people hope to be able to understand.

(1) Dust-free cloth products have a relatively good dust removal effect, and even they can cooperate with anti-static functions.

(2) Clean cloth products have high water absorption performance, and their surfaces are all soft, which will not damage the surface of the object.

(3) The dust-free cloth can provide sufficient dryness or strength and humidity.

(4) The dust-free cloth can choose edge banding in the process of comprehensive use, and even they can make a comprehensive selection based on the actual situation, just like ultrasonic or laser, while making a comprehensive selection, it is suitable for the assembly of semiconductors and The electronics industry and computer assembly, and this product is particularly suitable for use in the optics, electronics, and semiconductor industries, with a wide range of applications.

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