Whether finished furniture is on a path of irreversible decline


The decline of custom made it easy to recall the ups an […]

The decline of custom made it easy to recall the ups and downs of plate furniture. Looking back, the upsurge of panel furniture seems to be a flash in the pan. Today, panel furniture companies are making up the loopholes of the year, but it is difficult to return to their original position.
In this story of mantis catching cicadas, the finished furniture obviously does not play the role of canary bird. I am afraid they will have to face the contraction of the market again, such as near the valley.
However, if we say that the finished furniture is completely finished, this is too worrying. At the exhibition site in March, we can still find that many finished furniture companies are sailing against the water, and they are full of vitality in the cold wave of the industry. Custom home furnishing companies can change in difficult situations, and finished furniture companies may not have no new way out. 2019 may not be a year when finished furniture turns over, but it is a year full of opportunities and challenges.
What are the opportunities for finished furniture companies? First, most consumers still value design when buying finished furniture. High-end custom furniture is expensive and has a long construction period. In contrast, finished furniture that can be bought and gone is a better choice. At present, the well-developed finished furniture companies are playing the design brand, especially the furniture products that can be linked to culture. For example, new Chinese furniture companies have deeply tapped Chinese traditional culture and attracted the attention of consumers in the tide of "cultural recovery". The Nordic and Italian-style furniture companies put more emphasis on the design of original designers and foreign designers to attract young consumers. This is very difficult for general custom enterprises.

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