What makes clean cloth so good


Dust-free, as a professional requirement of the industr […]

Dust-free, as a professional requirement of the industrial environment in the new century, has always been strictly implemented. For example, workers in the pharmaceutical production process need to wear dust-free clothing, and workers in the food industry must ensure that the equipment they handle is dust-free. Treatment, it is the strict implementation of these dust-free measures that allow people to enjoy sterile and safe products. In the industry, many devices are not allowed to be directly touched by hands because of their own requirements, because static electricity or dust on the human body may cause short circuits in some parts, or affect the performance of the product itself, and affect work efficiency and progress. In the face of such individual needs, there is no need to purchase additional expensive dust-free equipment or dust removal equipment. Only a small dust-free cloth can achieve the expected use in the industry, and it is no longer necessary to have a safe use environment. difficult.

Speaking of a dust-free environment, the semiconductor industry naturally has more say. Transistors in the electronics industry are fragile and highly clean products that cannot tolerate the slightest amount of contamination. The requirements for dust-free cloth are naturally rising. As a manufacturer focusing on dust-free consumables, Jieby Purify’s dust-free products do not panic at all when facing such challenges. Their dust-free cloths are manufactured using a special spunlace process, which sprays high-pressure water onto the Intertwined more closely, so that the structure of the clean cloth is stronger, and the finished product is stronger and more durable. The dust-free cloth created by this kind of technology has a very low dust-removal rate, and the rate of static electricity generation is also relatively low, so it is suitable for the dust-removing process of semiconductor products. If it is used for wiping precision parts in industry, the dust-free cloth produced by Jiebai Purification is also fully capable. It has strong water and oil absorption performance, can quickly absorb stains on precision parts, and significantly improve the cleanliness of parts. Provide more efficiency guarantee for work.

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