What factors should be considered when purchasing anti-static work clothes


Anti-static work clothes are made of special anti-stati […]

Anti-static work clothes are made of special anti-static clean fabrics through a special process, which has the characteristics of efficient anti-static and dust-proof performance, thin and smooth, and clear texture. It is suitable for industries that are sensitive to electrostatic dust, such as: microelectronics, optoelectronics, solar energy, bioengineering, medicine, food, cosmetics, military and other industries. The work clothes suitable for different industries are also different. What factors should we pay attention to when purchasing anti-static work clothes?

1. Accessories such as buttons, zippers, hooks, trips and other accessories for making anti-static work clothes should be made of non-metallic materials such as plastic and nylon as much as possible. If metal accessories are used in the production of anti-static work clothes, they should be tried on to ensure that they are worn and engaged in various During this kind of activity, the metal accessories are not exposed.

Second, the accessories of anti-static overalls Look at the reverse side of anti-static overalls, pockets, welts, reinforcing cloth, etc., and try to use anti-static fabrics as much as possible; if they are made of other materials, the exposed area should be smaller than the exposed area of ​​all anti-static clothing. 20% or less.

3. Anti-static work clothes for special needs Cotton clothes made for cold protection or other special requirements, fully lined with anti-static work clothes, and the cotton inner sleeve and full lining should be detachable.

Fourth, anti-static fabrics Check anti-static fabrics, for the same type of conductive fibers, the smaller the distance between the conductive fibers, the better the anti-static performance.

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