What characteristics should be met when purchasing anti-static shoes


Anti-static shoes are one of the indispensable personal […]

Anti-static shoes are one of the indispensable personal protection products in many working environments. The purpose is to avoid the impact of static electricity on work. Many people are in a state of confusion when purchasing anti-static shoes, and do not know where to start. In fact, it is also simple, as long as the anti-static shoes you purchase meet the following characteristics, they are qualified.

1. Does not absorb dust

The shoes we wear every day, even if they are cleaned very clean, will generate some dust due to walking back and forth and scratching during wearing, or some small floating hairs will appear in the air, and static electricity may be generated when rubbing. This is a very common phenomenon, but as a pair of anti-static shoes, this should not happen, otherwise it cannot be regarded as a pair of qualified anti-static shoes.

2. Anti-static

As we all know, the human body itself is a conductor, and it is particularly prone to static electricity, so it will release static electricity to the outside, especially in some very dry environments, the static electricity discharge will become more serious. In daily life, this phenomenon will not have a great impact on us, but in some special work, the harm of static electricity is very great, which may cause product quality degradation and accidents. And anti-static shoes can effectively eliminate the electrostatic charge accumulated by the human body.

3. Use cycle

Without any external force, there will be no mildew or corrosion in a short period of time. As a pair of anti-static work shoes, the performance of anti-static shoes must be strong enough, which also enables it to consolidate and maintain one of the main features during the entire use process, and can always achieve anti-static effects during the entire wearing process. , and will not affect its effect due to the length of use.

The above points should be considered when purchasing anti-static shoes. Only a pair of anti-static shoes that are qualified in all aspects can have a better effect in the production environment, so as to ensure the safety and stability of workers in the production environment.

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