Use and maintenance of anti-static clothing


1. Under normal circumstances, when explosive gas mixtu […]

1. Under normal circumstances, when explosive gas mixtures appear continuously, frequently or exist for a long time, or explosive gas mixtures may appear, and the minimum ignition energy of combustibles is less than 0.25mj, anti-static clothing should be worn.

2. Do not wear anti-static clothing in flammable and explosive situations.

3. Do not attach or wear any metal objects on the anti-static clothing.

4. When wearing anti-static clothing, you should also wear anti-static shoes. The ground should also be an anti-static floor with a grounding system.

5. Anti-static clothing should be kept clean and adhere to anti-static performance. After use, use a soft brush and soft cloth dipped in neutral detergent to clean and wipe without damaging the fabric.

6. Anti-static work clothes are best cleaned with neutral detergent. When washing clothes, do not mix with other clothes. Use hand washing or washing machine soft washing procedures to prevent the conductive fiber from breaking.

7. After wearing for a period of time, check the anti-static clothing. If the static performance does not meet the standard requirements, the anti-static clothing can no longer be used.

8. It is forbidden to wear or take off anti-static clothing in places with fire and explosion hazards.

9. It is forbidden to wear metal objects on anti-static clothing used in fire and explosion dangerous places.

10. The outer clothes should completely cover the clothes inside. The split top should be enough to cover the waistband, and the waistband should not be exposed when bent.

11. Wearing anti-static clothing in fire and explosion hazardous places must be used in conjunction with anti-static shoes, clocks, etc. specified by relevant national standards.

12. Anti-static clothing should be kept clean and anti-static. After use, wash with a soft brush and cloth dipped in neutral detergent without damaging the fabric fibers.

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Packaging, storage and transportation

During the transportation, care should be taken to cover up the anti-static work clothes, not to damage the packaging, to prevent sun exposure and high temperature contact; during transportation, it is strictly forbidden to drag with a hand hook.

Anti-static work clothes should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse to prevent mildew and deterioration. During storage, the distance to the ground and walls should be greater than 200mm, and the distance to all heating elements should be greater than 1m. Avoid direct sunlight, and it is strictly forbidden to place it in the open air.

In the packaging and storage of antistatic wool knitwear, an appropriate amount of mothproofing agent should be added.


Anti-static work clothes should be washed with neutral detergent and not mixed with other clothes. Hand wash or washing machine soft wash procedures should be used to avoid conductive fiber breakage. The temperature of the washing water should be below 40℃, and normal temperature water should be used for washing. The washing time should be as short as possible, but it must be rinsed sufficiently to remove residual detergent. Anti-static work clothes with flame-retardant and oil-resistant properties must not be decontaminated with bleaching powder or organic solvents.

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