Types and uses of polyester and nylon microfiber woven clean cloth


Polyester/nylon microfiber woven dust-free cloth is a d […]

Polyester/nylon microfiber woven dust-free cloth is a dust-free wiping cloth produced with two kinds of composite microfibers of polyester and nylon. Its content is 75% tapen and 25% nylon. . Its monofilament fineness is less than 0.2dtex, which is about one-tenth of that of ordinary fibers. This kind of composite fiber undergoes special weaving, fiber opening and other processing processes, so that a capillary space effect is formed between the fiber and the fiber. The fiber density is high, and the contact surface with the wipe is also large. Notable features are: good detergency, strong water absorption, soft texture, no scratches on the surface, no lint, no dripping, easy to dry, easy to clean, no bacteria, no mold, and long service life.

According to the weaving method, the clean cloth can be divided into: S-plain weaving, D-knitting.

Edge banding process: hot cutting edge banding, ultrasonic edge banding, ultrasonic wide edge banding, laser edge banding, cold cutting.

Types and uses:
S3009, S3009A adopts plain weave structure, S4009 adopts twill structure, which highlights the decontamination effect and surface cleanliness of polyester-nylon composite fiber. It has excellent removal ability for powdery dirt and filmy dirt on the terminals, and the cleaning process It does not damage the precision surface. Longqi is suitable for the special wipe roll cloth for the COG process of the LCD industry.

S5009 adopts polyester-nylon composite woven structure, soft and hard cloth surface and dirt-retaining design to effectively improve the removal of residual glue on the surface and grease dirt. Longqi is suitable for special glue removal for touch screen patches.

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