Three knowledges of anti-static workbench


The anti-static workbench is also a kind of operation t […]

The anti-static workbench is also a kind of operation table. As long as it is suitable for the electronic industry and places with strict requirements on static electricity, the safety of electrostatic sensitive components can be ensured by using the anti-static workbench.

1. Many customers ask why they use anti-static workbenches: When people work in a dry environment, or dry air flows on the surface of the insulator, electricity will be charged due to friction. The charge generated by friction electrification will accumulate on the surface of the junction body. The more accumulated charge, the higher the voltage. To a certain extent, discharge will occur. The discharge process will cause breakdown and destroy the insulation of the insulator. Some electronic components may also be broken down by the high voltage generated by the accumulated static charge and cause permanent damage. Therefore, these tasks must be done to prevent damage caused by electrostatic breakdown. Therefore, an anti-static workbench is required to provide electronic components, etc. protection.

2. The anti-static workbench is mainly used for two purposes:

1. Reduce static electricity generation and prevent static electricity accumulation,

2. Appropriately reduce the insulation of the workbench, and also require the workbench to maintain good grounding, so that static charges can flow to the ground in time, and high-voltage electricity will not be accumulated.

3. What industry is the anti-static workbench suitable for?

1. It must be an electrician and electronic profession. For the quality of your products, you must first test and record anti-static products.

2. According to the second major characteristic of electrostatic adsorption, there are occupations with purification levels, pharmaceutical production, scientific laboratories with purification levels, hospitals, etc.

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