The effect of anti-static chair on people daily life and its effect


In daily life, we all have a very intuitive feeling of […]

In daily life, we all have a very intuitive feeling of static electricity. In fact, static electricity has little impact on us in life. However, in the process of industrial production has been refined, the prevention of static electricity has become a key issue. Because static electricity not only interferes with the accuracy of the instrumentation, but sometimes even causes production accidents. Therefore, it is very necessary to use anti-static equipment in special environments. The main anti-static equipment is anti-static shoes, anti-static chairs, etc. Let's take a look at the anti-static chair.
Anti-static chairs are mainly used in various dust-free laboratories and production workshops. Because experimenters and production workers work in such environments for a long time, due to friction and other factors, the body and clothing surfaces often have static electricity, anti-static. The chair can effectively eliminate this part of the excess charge and prevent static electricity.
In order to achieve good protection effect, the anti-static chair has strict production control. Generally, the resistance of the anti-static chair must be less than ten ohms, so that the charge can be quickly transmitted to the ground to prevent static electricity.
Anti-static chairs vary in appearance and function depending on the application. They also differ in the production materials. In general, there are more than ten types of anti-static chair, anti-static stool, anti-static chair, anti-static chair, etc. Many manufacturers also provide a variety of anti-static chairs for customers to choose.
Although the anti-static chair has a certain effect on preventing and dispersing static electricity, it cannot achieve the purpose of completely eliminating static electricity. Therefore, for some special occasions, it is also necessary to combine various other anti-static equipment to eliminate static electricity to the greatest extent. Hazards, while using and maintaining, should be in a scientifically correct manner. At present, there are a large number of production suppliers of anti-static chairs, and customers can choose according to their actual needs.

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