The difference between anti-static clothing and clean clothing


People who work in the factory know that wearing anti-s […]

People who work in the factory know that wearing anti-static clothing can not only effectively release static electricity from the body, but also have a certain dust-proof effect, and can prevent static electricity from harming their bodies. Do you know why there is a dust-proof effect? ​​Because of the discharge of static electricity, dust is not easy to attract, so it has a good dust-proof effect. However, anti-static clothing and clean clothing are conceptually different.

The fabric used in the production of anti-static clothing is made of conductive filaments added to the fiber but cannot isolate the dust generated by the human body. It can ensure that the body and the ground are always conductors, and avoid the accumulation of static charges caused by the friction of the soles of the feet. Anti-static clothing is generally used in electronic equipment workshops that are extremely sensitive to electric fields while reducing the adsorption of fine particles. The difference between dust-free clothing and anti-static clothing is that it can prevent fine particles such as dust, dander or hair on the body from escaping into the clean room, and has a dust-free function, which is generally common in microelectronics and biological laboratories. 

Anti-static clothing is mainly to avoid the adsorption of dust inside the workshop. Clean clothes are mainly used to avoid the pollution of the internal clean room by the dust brought from the outside on the body, so anti-static clothes cannot be used as clean clothes.

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