The cause of the dust-free white fog is revealed


When we wipe the product with a lint-free cloth dipped […]

When we wipe the product with a lint-free cloth dipped in reagents, there will always be a lot of white milky marks or dots inadvertently. Many friends start to wonder, what is going on? After inquiring about it, I realized that this is the legendary "white mist" of dust-free cloth.

(1) If the dust-free cloth is not cleaned, it will cause white fog

There is a non-volatile substance hidden in the dust-free cloth. When the dust-free cloth is used with low surface tension solvents such as alcohol and IPA, this non-volatile substance will be precipitated under the action of the solvent to form White milky impressions or dots. Therefore, if the dust-free cloth is used directly without cleaning, white fog will appear.

(2) Too short cleaning time will cause white fog

After understanding with professional textile engineers in the industry, it was discovered that only in-depth cleaning of the dust-free cloth during the cleaning and opening (also called dyeing and finishing) process of the dust-free cloth production can completely remove the non-volatile substances in the cloth. In addition to the need for professional cleaning reagents in the cleaning process, the cleaning time is also very important. If the time is too short, it will cause white fog.

(3) The mismatch of the cleanliness level of the dust-free environment and the dust-free cloth will cause white fog

In addition to the above technical reasons, the inconsistency between the cleanliness level of the dust-free cloth and the application environment will also cause white fog. For example, if the class 1000 clean cloth is used in a class 100 clean environment, the cleaning process of the class 1000 clean cloth (cleaning reagents and cleaning time are designed according to the 1000 standard) can only match the clean environment of class 1000 or below. When applied to a dust-free environment higher than class 1000, white fog will also occur.

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