Straight grain clean cloth or net grain clean cloth which is better


Friends who have used clean cloth know that the texture […]

Friends who have used clean cloth know that the texture of clean cloth is divided into straight grain and net grain, but many people have questions at present, what is the difference between straight grain and net grain? At the same time, the effect of use and dust-free Will there be any difference in the quality and service life of the cloth?

1. Weave

The difference between straight-grain and net-grain clean cloth, the straight-grain is straight, and the two sides have the same structure, which is more abrasion-resistant. The netting looks like a net, but the netting has a better decontamination effect.

2. On the texture

The straight-grain clean cloth is more delicate to the touch, and the net-grain clean cloth is slightly rougher. Therefore, the cleanliness of the net-grain clean cloth is better, and the straight-grain clean cloth will have less abrasion on the product, and the difference is not big.

Many industries on the market now use dust-free cloth, and the range of use of dust-free cloth is also very wide. Which one is better, a straight-grain clean cloth or a net-grain clean cloth? This actually depends on the actual application and whether it is suitable for use. Specifically, it still depends on your actual cleanliness requirements for the product, which also depends on the necessary determinants of choosing a clean cloth.

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