Problems to be noticed when choosing anti static floor


The following points should be noted when selecting ant […]

The following points should be noted when selecting anti-static raised floors in the construction of computer rooms:
1. First of all, the total area (or number of blocks) of the anti-static floor required for the construction of the computer room and the number of various accessories (standard ratio 1: 3.5, 1: 5.5) must be accurately kept, so as to avoid waste Or shortage.
2. Fully understand the variety and quality of anti-static flooring produced by manufacturers, and various technical performance indicators. The technical performance of anti-static floor mainly refers to its mechanical properties and electrical properties. The mechanical properties mainly consider its bearing capacity and wear resistance. Install the whole anti-static floor on the truss beams. After leveling the anti-static floor, its load-bearing capacity should reach a uniform load greater than 1000kg / m2. The concentrated load on any part of the anti-static floor should be greater than 300kg. For a load of 300kg on a 6cm load point, the amount of deflection should be less than 2mm and there is no permanent deformation. The adjustable support should be able to withstand a vertical load of more than 1000kg, and the board surface should have a certain abrasion resistance.
The electrical properties are mainly system resistance, electrostatic voltage, and surface resistance. The system resistance should be 105Ω-108Ω. When the temperature is 21 ± 1.5 ° C and the relative humidity is 30%, the static voltage of the anti-static floor should be lower than 2500V, and the surface resistance value should be 105Ω-108Ω.
3. The load of the anti-static floor should be determined based on the weight of the heaviest equipment in the equipment room. This can prevent some equipment from being too heavy and causing permanent deformation or damage to the floor.
4. The anti-static floor changes little under the influence of external environmental conditions. That is, there will be no obvious expansion and contraction due to the excessively high and low external temperature, that is, when the temperature of the equipment room is slightly higher, the anti-static floor will expand and expand, and it cannot be removed and replaced; when the temperature is low, the anti-static floor will shrink and produce a loose feeling. The shrinkage of the anti-static floor affected by the environment should be less than 0.5mm, and the deflection of the board surface should be less than 0.25mm.
5. The surface of the anti-static floor should be non-reflective, non-slip, corrosion-resistant, dust-free, dust-free, and easy to clean.
How to eliminate static electricity in human body
The weather turns cold and there is static electricity when wearing clothes in autumn and winter. Is there any good way to prevent static electricity? Guangzhou Lixiang Anti-Static Company will teach you a few tricks in a few minutes.

Tools / raw materials
Pure cotton or silk underwear
Fabric softener
Step / Method
1. Back against the wall when putting on or taking off your clothes, and "discharge" the static electricity inside the body.
Tip: At present, the outer layer of the home brick wall is generally coated with paint, which greatly reduces the electrical conductivity. Therefore, when we touch the wall, we can't prevent the contact area from increasing, so that more charge can be transferred out.
2. You can use small metal devices (such as keys), cotton rags, etc. to touch the door, door handle, faucet, chair back, bed rail and other places to eliminate static electricity, and then touch it by hand.
3. Choose soft and smooth cotton or silk woven underwear and underwear, try not to wear chemical fiber clothing to reduce static electricity.
4. If the outer fabric is made of chemical fiber, it can be washed with antistatic detergent. General fabric softener can also reduce static electricity.
5. Washing hands and face can release the charge on the skin surface in water and reduce the static electricity attached to our body.
Tip: Frequent bathing and changing clothes can also effectively eliminate the static electricity accumulated on the surface of the human body.
6. Use a humidifier or place a basin of water under heating, so that the whole room will feel moist and pleasant, reducing the generation of static electricity. You may wish to try.
Do you know? Due to the extremely short frictional electrification time, the amount of current generated is very small, so static electricity generally does not cause life danger to the human body, but static electricity will have many adverse effects on human health: such as dry skin and itching. Causes ventricular premature beats and arrhythmias.

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