Overview of filter cotton


As we all know, the air contains a large amount of dust […]

As we all know, the air contains a large amount of dust (such as dust, dust, smoke, mineral dust, sand dust, powder, etc.) particles, because these dust particles are very light in weight, so when the flowing air acts on these dust particles, it will dust The weight of the particles is offset, so that the dust is in a floating state. Only in a relatively closed space and the air is relatively still, the dust will fall to the ground under the action of the earth's gravity, which is why the room with closed doors and windows In uninhabited areas, a thick layer of dust can be seen on furniture and floors after a period of time. The amount of dust in the air is related to many objective factors, such as weather conditions, seasonal changes, industrial production, mining, land desertification, soil erosion, environmental pollution, etc. Dust has an impact on the human body, on production, on product quality, on the environment, on the beauty of natural scenery, and on ecological balance.

An adult needs about 19m3 of air per day in order to get the required oxygen from it. If the air at the worker's workplace contains a lot of dust, the amount of dust inhaled into the lungs of the person working in this environment will be more, and many harmful gases, liquids or certain metal elements can be adsorbed on it, and as people breathe However, it is brought deep into the lungs or adhered to the wall of the bronchial tubes, causing or aggravating various diseases of the respiratory organs. When a certain number is reached, it can cause fibrotic lesions in the lung tissue, causing the lung tissue to gradually develop. Hardening, loss of normal respiratory function, and related diseases, so why wearing a mask in an environment with a bad air index can effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases, because a mask is a kind of filter cotton, which can effectively filter out the dust in the air particles, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the inhaled air.

The dust in the air falls on the rotating parts of the machine, which will accelerate the wear of the rotating parts and reduce the working accuracy and life of the machine. Dust permeates the workshop and can also reduce visibility, affect visibility, impede operations, reduce labor productivity, and even cause accidents. The discharge of dust into the atmosphere will cause air pollution. In addition, the dust in the air will reduce the visibility of the atmosphere, promote the formation of smog, and affect the transmission of solar radiation energy.

In summary, filter cotton has its indispensable position, because many industrial production must be carried out in relatively clean spaces, such as surface treatment, paint coating, spraying, precision electronics, optical electronics, biopharmaceuticals, food Production, air cooling, etc. These environments require flowing air, but no dust, so it is necessary to filter the dust with filter cotton, so that only clean air can be circulated in a relatively closed space, so as to meet the needs of production and operation.

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