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Static Protection In the design of electronic products, […]

Static Protection
In the design of electronic products, the issue of electrostatic protection should be fully considered so that the electronic product itself has a strong antistatic ability. Everyone who is engaged in the electronics assembly industry, such as product processing, assembly, testing, transportation, storage, packaging, commissioning, repair and maintenance, should carry out education and training on the protection of static electricity, and enhance their static protection. Awareness, so you can avoid the destruction of electronic products by the ubiquitous static electricity.
In modern electronic assembly production, it is generally impossible to generate static electricity, but generating static electricity is not a hazard. The real danger lies in the accumulation of static electricity and the resulting electrostatic discharge. Because of the control and prevention of static electricity accumulation, Electrostatic discharge is particularly important. The basic concept of anti-static is to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charges or how quickly and reliably those places where electrostatic charges are already present to keep them below a certain safe voltage.
Conductor protection against static electricity
For the conductor parts that may or may have generated static electricity, such as production lines, equipment and instrument housings, shielding covers, etc., channels shall be provided to discharge the static electricity in time, which is commonly referred to as grounding. Reliable grounding provides a good discharge channel for static electricity, so that the electrostatic charges accumulated on the charged body can be smoothly discharged, and quickly lead to the ground to avoid the discharge of sensitive components. In the anti-static system, an anti-static ground wire is independently established to achieve strict separation of the anti-static ground wire from the power ground wire. Conductors that need to be protected against static electricity, such as equipment shells, can be directly connected to the anti-static ground wire.
Non-conductor with static protection
As for the static electricity on the insulator, since the charge cannot flow on the insulator, the static electricity cannot be ruled out by grounding, and methods such as charge neutralization can be used. For example, QP-S35A intelligent ion wind rod, static eliminator, ion fan, ion wind rod can generate positive and negative ions, and neutralize static electricity from static power. It can be used in places where static electricity cannot be discharged through grounding, such as high-speed stickers. Near the camera head, there is usually a good antistatic effect. Use static eliminators. Static eliminators are a variety of surfactants. By scrubbing, you can remove static electricity from the surface of some insulating objects, such as instrument surfaces.
Both humidity and temperature have an effect on ESD. In the same atmospheric environment, regions with lower temperatures will have a higher relative humidity than regions with higher temperatures. Increased humidity will increase the surface conductivity of non-conducting materials and increase air conductivity. Reinforced, the static charge accumulated on the surface of the insulating object can leak more quickly. It can be seen that the lower the ambient temperature and the greater the humidity, the more beneficial is the protection against static electricity. In places where there is danger of static electricity, when the process conditions permit, the method of increasing humidity and reducing temperature can reduce the possibility of static electricity generation. This method has obvious effects and is inexpensive.
Adopts electrostatic shielding, which is a shielding measure for equipment, components and instruments that are likely to emit static electricity. The shield can be used to isolate static electricity from the outside world and effectively shield the shield.

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