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How to store anti-static clothing correctly? The storag […]

How to store anti-static clothing correctly? The storage and production of anti-static clothing are both very important. People often only pay attention to the details of the production, but often ignore the storage of the finished product. This approach is wrong! Many companies fail to store anti-static clothing properly, which leads to a decrease in the performance of work clothes, which affects the pass rate of production lines.

1. Storage: It should be noted during transportation that there must be a cover on the anti-static coveralls, and the packaging must not be damaged to prevent sun exposure and high temperature; it is strictly forbidden to drag with a hook during transportation. Clothes should be stored in a dry and ventilated space to prevent mildew and deterioration. When storing, it should be more than 200mm away from the ground and walls, and more than 1m away from all heating elements. Avoid direct sunlight and strictly prohibit placing it in the open air.

2. Maintenance: Anti-static clothes are generally cleaned with neutral detergent, and do not use strong acid and alkali laundry detergent. Do not mix with other clothes when washing, use hand washing or washing machine soft washing procedures to avoid the conductive fiber breakage. The temperature of the washing water should be below 40℃, and clean water at room temperature should be used for rinsing. The washing time is as short as possible, but it must be rinsed sufficiently to remove residual detergent.

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