Purchasing antistatic products should be equipped with corresponding electrostatic testers


Anti-static is a very important link. If anti-static cl […]

Anti-static is a very important link. If anti-static clothes are not worn in the electronic products industry, static electricity will be transmitted to the components through human hands, directly affecting the quality of products, product performance degradation and product function loss. The quality of antistatic clothing is directly related to the quality of electronic products. Electrostatic damage to electronic products, especially when there is potential damage to electronic products, even using precision instruments, it is difficult to measure significant changes in their performance. This requires a complete and rigorous set of anti-static measures for electronic manufacturers. The choice of anti-static clothes is very important. Qualified anti-static clothes can release static electricity in the first time, and the durability of anti-static and dust-proof is very good. China Electronics Show will show you.

Good anti-static products must be equipped with static side tester. Electrostatic tester can generally be divided into one, side test static voltage tester, such as explosion-proof static tester, SIMCO static tester, electrostatic side tester, electrostatic tester fmx003, SSD static tester, antistatic tester, electrostatic tester, ESD static tester, hand-held static voltage tester, etc. According to the different types of antistatic products, the corresponding electrostatic tester is equipped.

Only with the electrostatic tester can we detect that the electrostatic parameters of the anti-static clothes you buy do not conform to the standard. It can also detect whether the anti-static products and equipment you use meet the anti-static standards.

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