How to test the pros and cons of clean cloth


The dust-free cloth is made of 100% polyester fiber dou […]

The dust-free cloth is made of 100% polyester fiber double woven, the surface is soft, easy to wipe sensitive surfaces, friction does not detach the fiber, has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. The cleaning and packaging of products are completed in the ultra-clean workshop.

The dust-free cloth is mainly used for wiping the surface of sensitive objects. It has the characteristics of friction and is not easy to defiber. It is a good helper for the electronics industry. The quality of the clean cloth directly affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the cleaning work, and it is related to the quality of the product.

1. Pull. Pull both sides of the clean cloth with your hands, then look at the light with a magnifying glass to see if there are any broken fibers. The broken fibers will appear on the surface of the clean cloth in the form of wool. Less means the quality of the clean cloth is better.

2. Shake. The main measure is the weight of the dust-free cloth. The heavier the dust-free cloth, the thicker the dust-free cloth and the better the wiping effect. Shaking is under the light in the clean room, most of the clean cloth, to see if there will be a lot of debris falling.

3. Wipe. Wipe the fingerprints or sweat stains on the phone screen with a dust-free cloth to see if it can be removed at one time, or dipped in alcohol and wipe the phone screen or glasses to see if there are stains or debris.

The characteristics of clean cloth.

When the surface temperature of the wiped object is relatively high, it is necessary to use a dust-free cloth of 100% wood pulp to ensure the quality of the product. The residues in the production workshop should also use woven wipe materials to prevent contamination of the clean dust-free cloth.

For products with increased surface cleanliness requirements, ultra-high cleanliness dust-free wipes are required to achieve purification and dust removal.

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