Five reasons why you can't refuse the use of clean cloth


Clean cloth is applied to places where industrialized p […]

Clean cloth is applied to places where industrialized production is concentrated. With the development of science and technology, people's requirements are getting higher and higher, and the number of domestic clean cloth manufacturers is also increasing. So, everyone knows why factories like to use clean cloth? Dust-free cloth can be described as a universal wipe in cleaning products, which has many characteristics that are not available in wiping tools.

So, what are the reasons why such a versatile dust-free cloth cannot be refused to use?

1. No matter it is in a dry state or a wet state, the dust-free cloth has the characteristics of high humidity;

2. Since the dust-free cloth can resist various acidic and alkaline chemical reagents, it can be used in chemical laboratories or some chemical production places;

3. The dust-free cloth itself has low dust and anti-static characteristics, so it can effectively control the generation of various static electricity, or some dry places, in other words, dry weather is prone to static electricity, use it to avoid annoying phenomena appear;

4. The core advantage of the dust-free cloth is that it can be used repeatedly, so people feel that it is clean and economical, and it is now a widely used one in the electronics industry;

5. The dust-free cloth will not damage the surface of the object because it is not soft enough under the state of absorbing water. It can provide sufficient dry and wet strength and release a corresponding low number of ions. It will not cause chemical reactions and can also be used for edge sealing. .

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