Edge banding process of dust-free cloth


There are three edge sealing methods for dust-free wipe […]

There are three edge sealing methods for dust-free wipes, mainly cold cutting, laser cutting, and ultrasonic edge sealing. Different edge banding processes are applicable to different scenarios.

1. Laser edge banding (LE): The fabric is melted by a high-energy beam that is concentrated into a spot. The edge is harder, the production efficiency is high and the process is mature. It is widely used.

2. Ultrasonic edge banding (HC): The raw fiber is crushed by the mechanical energy of vibration. The cutting edge is soft and smooth, but it is easily broken by force.

3. Ultrasonic wide sealing wave (SUB: Ultrasonic wide edge is cut through a special die head and then cut off. The sealing width is not easy to break, and it has good dust resistance.

4. Electric shears (PR): The principle of cutting the fabric with a sharp knife is similar to cutting with scissors. There is no edge sealing at all, and there is more dust.

5. Automatic laser edge banding (LA): The cutting method is the same as that of LE, and the production efficiency is extremely high.

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