Anti-static chair working principle


    Anti-static chair, square tube stool, mainly made o […]

    Anti-static chair, square tube stool, mainly made of PP injection molding, anti-static PU/PVC leather, PU foam material, the surface resistance of the material is 10 to the power of 6 or 10 to 6 to 10
11th ohms. Anti-static chair surface with high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, fission resistance, heat dissipation and ventilation, comfortable texture, suitable for anti-static requirements, 10,000-class clean room, alcohol resistance (PVC only).
     working principle
     The backrest and the seat cushion adopt the modified polyurethane closed-cell foaming technology, and the anti-static PU material is integrally foamed. It contains S=2mm stamping and forming high quality steel plate inserts. Surface resistivity: 10-10Ω to ground
Resistance: <10Ω
     Working principle: ESD chair is an essential item in the operation of static sensitive area. The anti-static chair uses ESD seat cushion, backrest and metal fitting structure to effectively release anti-static to the ground. It has very good performance. ESD electrostatic discharge performance. The dust-free chair surface is free of oxides, and the chair material is subjected to strict dust and ionic contamination tests in the laboratory to ensure that the dust-free studio standard is met.

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