Briefly describe the common sense of static electricity


In daily life, due to clothing, weather, friction and o […]

In daily life, due to clothing, weather, friction and other reasons, people often cause the body to accumulate static electricity, and when they suddenly touch the metal, they will suffer the pain of electric shock, which can even cause some kind of psychological pressure when it occurs frequently at a certain stage. . If you temporarily avoid contact with iron objects, the electric charge on your body may accumulate more, and you will receive a larger electric shock sooner or later. - Wholesale of clean clothes
1. In the house, static electricity may be generated after the friction between the carpet and the sole of the shoe, and the body may also be charged due to the wind outside the house. At this time, be careful when you need to touch the iron door when entering or leaving, as your hands may be hit by electricity. After repeatedly encountering such a situation, - anti-static conductive ball
The following measures can be taken to avoid electric shock: - Guangzhou anti-static clothing
When touching the iron door, don't touch the iron door directly with your hands, but hold a bunch of keys in your pocket with your hands (usually this will not cause an electric shock), and then use the tip of a key to touch the iron door , in this way, the electricity on the body will be discharged, and there will be no electric shock.​​
Principle: The pain of discharge on the hand is due to high-voltage discharge. Since the hand and the iron gate are suddenly in contact with a very small area during discharge, an instantaneous high-voltage is generated. If you take out the key in your pocket, first hold the key in a large area (a bunch of keys can't transfer much charge by themselves, so there will be no electric shock at this time), and then use the tip of a key to touch the large conductor. At this time, The point of contact for the discharge is not a point on the skin of the hand, but the tip of the key, so the hand doesn't feel pain (maybe the key does! ---- if it does).​​
2. Electric shocks often occur when getting off a taxi. Mainly due to the accumulation of static electricity generated by the friction between the body and the seat when getting off the car, and when the door is closed after getting off the car, if the hand suddenly touches the iron door, you will be shocked. - Wholesale of clean clothes
When this happens often, it is best to pay attention: when getting off the car, that is, when the body is rubbing against the seat, hold the metal door frame in advance, so as to discharge the static electricity on the body at any time when the friction generates static electricity, so as not to cause the After getting out of the car, it was discharged when the hand suddenly touched the iron door.
Static electricity is not static electricity, it is electricity that temporarily stays somewhere on a macroscopic scale. When a person stands up on a carpet or sofa, the voltage of the human body can also be more than 10,000 volts, and the static electricity in the rubber and plastic film industry can be as high as more than 100,000 volts.
Matter is composed of molecules, molecules are composed of atoms, and atoms are composed of negatively charged electrons and positively charged protons. Under normal conditions, the number of protons in an atom is the same as the number of electrons, and the positive and negative balances are balanced, so it shows no charge to the outside world. However, the electrons surround the nucleus, and once the external force is applied, it will derail, leaving the original atom A and invading other atoms B. The A atom is positively charged due to the reduction of the number of electrons, which is called cation; the B atom is increased due to the increase of the number of electrons. Negatively charged phenomenon, called anion. The reason for the unbalanced electron distribution is that the electrons are derailed by an external force. This external force contains various energies (such as kinetic energy, potential energy, thermal energy, chemical energy, etc.) Separation can generate static electricity. When two different objects come into contact with each other, one object loses some electric charge such as electrons are transferred to the other object to make it positively charged, while the other object gains some remaining electrons and the object becomes negatively charged.

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