Are you worried about the impact of anti-static clothing on your body


Will wearing anti-static clothing for a long time cause […]

Will wearing anti-static clothing for a long time cause harm to human body? Electronic factories pay more attention to electrostatic dust protection. When working in the workshop, employees must wear anti-static and dust-proof equipment in advance, that is, anti-static clothing and shoes. The anti-static clothing is made of special anti-static fabric. This fabric is made of anti-static fabric. Its main function is to prevent the anti-static generated by the human body from damaging the product; to prevent dust and hair on our clothes from sticking to us On the product, the anti-static clothing is not harmful to the human body!

On the contrary, do not wear anti-static clothing to eliminate static electricity in time to affect the human body.

1. The electrostatic interference generated by the human body will change the normal potential difference of the human body surface, affecting the normal electrophysiological process of the myocardium and the normal conduction of the electrocardiogram without interference. If this static electricity lasts for a long time, it will increase the alkalinity of the blood and cause the calcium content in the serum to decrease. This is for growing and developing children, the elderly with relatively low blood calcium levels, and those who require more calcium People such as pregnant women have certain injuries.

2. Electrostatic particles are often generated around the screen, and these particles absorb a large amount of floating dust in the air. These charged floating dust have an adverse effect on the skin, causing itchy skin and causing pigmentation. For many small partners who have been facing computers for a long time, skin diseases such as erythema and pigmentation on their faces are also closely related to the irritation of a large amount of suspended dust attracted by the static electricity generated by the computer screen.

3. Excessive accumulation of static electricity in the human body will also cause abnormal conduction of brain nerve cell membrane current, affecting the central nervous system, resulting in changes in blood pH and oxygen characteristics of the body, affecting the physiological balance of the body, and causing dizziness, headache, and irritability , Loss of appetite, trance and other symptoms.

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